Originally I wanted to create a typeface using my own handwriting. I knew I wanted to create a lowercase typeface and I had got from 'a' to 'g'.

I was trying to find the best characters from samples of my handwriting. To do this I wrote out lots of each character, much like when you first learn how to write. I also wrote out words beginning with each character to see which would be best to use. Another consideration was whether the characters should be singular or joined up. I liked the idea of creating a typeface with joined up characters.

I took a photo of the handwritten sheet and once in Illustrator I drew around the characters I wanted to use. I used the pen tool to draw around each character but I wasn't happy with the progress I was making or what the characters were looking like so I decided to create some kind of other typeface.

I thought about creating an architectural typeface, using square and circle elements. From just producing 'a' through to 'g' I liked how the typeface was progressing until I grouped the shapes together.

The letterforms had quite an interesting look. As a really quick excersise I went back to this and created the rest of the alphabet. Where 'a' to 'g' are are together in how they are formed, the height and width are inkeeping with each other, from 'm' onwards [excluding 'o, p, q and t'] the letterforms seem too big and clunky. Having all the elements showing, and the difference in size and form the typeface has become illegible.