[University of Bolton personal project]

The brief: To create awareness for The WI

Target audience: Women 25-40 years old

For the organisation to gain new members and challenge expectations

What's in it for them? [new members]... Friendship, fun, new skills, independence

Possible angles: It's your WI, So much more than... What do you want to do today?...

Thought... Everything you need under one roof

What was created: Logo, website, posters and leaflets.

WI logo... The tagline I came up with is: Leading the way for women. The reasons behind this are that the organisation prides itself with arts, crafts and cookery, the campaigns it runs and the fact that it is an organisation for women.

Colours... Black: power, elegance. Purple: ambition, independence, creativity

The idea with the posters and leaflets was to challenge expectations.

Ask the question... Who do you want to be today... and to say there's more to the WI than what you might think.

Poster variations: gardening & roller-blading, tapestry & tap dancing, baking & DIY

More images to follow